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Four ridiculously easy steps you can follow to cure your insomnia right now

Note: for those who are not regular readers of Insomnia Land, please set your sarcasm detectors to 'high'.

According to the 2012 National Sleep Foundation Poll, insomnia sufferers simply need to follow these steps and their insomnia will be magically cured:

Step one - make your bed in the morning. Apparently, those who made their beds every day (or almost every day) were more likely to say they got a good night's sleep.

Step two - clean your bedroom. Two out of three respondents said a clean bedroom was an important contributor to good sleep.

Step three - clean your sheets. According to the poll, over three quarters of respondents said they got a better night's sleep if their sheets had a 'fresh scent'.

Step four - go easy on the pillows. You don't want more than two pillows on your bed - crazy behavior (like having three pillows) leads to reduced sleep quality.

These four steps were our favorites, simply because we were quite amazed that the article over at Fox News implied that you could cure your insomnia (a chronic disease) by simply throwing out some pillows and making your sheets smell nice.

A few more tips, that are rather more credible include:

It's tough to fight the public perception of insomnia when we repeatedly see articles like this that suggest insomnia can be cured so simply and easily.

Insomnia is not a trivial condition. It can be debilitating and dangerous.

Source: Fox News

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Last updated: August 24, 2012

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