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Functional restoration may ease insomnia for those with chronic spinal pain

It's perhaps little surprise that individuals suffering from chronic pain often struggle with sleep.

A recent study looked at individuals with chronic spine pain to determine how effective a functional restoration program would be at relieving pain and insomnia.

Functional restoration is a rehabilitation program designed to improve physical function. It often teaches pain coping skills, too.

Researchers found that insomnia severity was reduced in those who completed a functional restoration program, with the prevalence of severe clinical insomnia being cut by over 18%.

Although insomnia did improve for those who took a functional restoration program for their spine pain, over a third of patients still reported moderate to severe insomnia.

Furthermore, a year later those with severe insomnia reported suffering from more pain, higher levels of depression and higher medication use.

So the conclusion appears to be that although functional restoration can ease insomnia for some, it won't work for everyone.

Source: Spine

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Last updated: March 11, 2015

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