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How to get rid of insomnia caused by marijuana withdrawal

It's thought that as many as 60% of marijuana users who attempt to stop consuming the drug end up suffering from insomnia.

Ironic, perhaps, when you consider that marijuana is often touted as an insomnia remedy - but, like alcohol, it shouldn't be used as a sleep aid.

Marijuana induced sleep is of questionable quality - but perhaps more importantly, similar to sleeping pills, as soon as you stop taking the drug, your insomnia will more than likely return (otherwise known as rebound insomnia).

If you're suffering from insomnia as a result of marijuana withdrawal, there may be some hope.

A study out of John Hopkins University School of Medicine found that Ambien CR was effective at reducing sleeplessness in those coming off the drug.

Otherwise known as extended-release zolpidem, Ambien CR improved sleep quality in daily marijuana users who stopped taking the drug, and it appeared to come without any significant side-effects or cognitive impairments.

Source: National Institues of Health

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Last updated: July 30, 2013

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