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How to stop suicidal thoughts when suffering from insomnia

It's no surprise that insomnia is associated with depression and even suicidal thoughts in some sufferers. However, some encouraging research shared at SLEEP 2011 could give depressed insomnia sufferers hope.

Sleep disturbance is listed among the top ten warning signs of suicide by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration. Furthermore, a study that's currently under review found that a specially designed sleep index was better at predicting suicidal thoughts in individuals at high risk for suicide compared to using the traditional risk factors of depression and hopelessness.

The study presented at SLEEP 2011 found that when insomniacs were treated with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), there was a significant reduction in suicidal thoughts. What makes this particularly impressive is the fact that cognitive behavioral therapy is a relatively simple treatment (although it can be hard to find).

Let's hope that research like this not only gives insomnia sufferers hope, but makes CBT more accessible. It's wrong that sleeping pills are easier to find than cognitive behavioral therapists.

Source: Medscape News

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Last updated: August 25, 2011

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