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If you think you have insomnia, keep a sleep diary

Sleep diaries or sleep journals can be extremely useful for those who have trouble with sleep.

Besides the fact we often sleep for longer than we think, sleep diaries can help us pinpoint the cause of our insomnia and help us better understand our personal sleep patterns.

Now, new research suggests that sleep diaries may be more effective at diagnosing insomnia compared to actigraphy.

Actigraphy typically involves wearing a watch-like device that helps determine sleep patterns and circadian rhythms by monitoring rest and activity cycles.

The study in question involved 119 participants. 79 were insomnia sufferers and 40 were in the control group.

Each group completed a sleep diary for at least 7 nights and were also monitored through actigraphy.

Researchers found the records that participants kept in their sleep diaries were more accurate when it came to diagnosing insomnia compared to actigraphy.

This just goes to show that diagnosing (and treating) insomnia need not be expensive.

Indeed, the fact that insomnia is cheap to treat may be why so many insomnia sufferers feel ignored.

Source: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

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Last updated: March 12, 2013

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