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Insomnia Causes

The link between insomnia and high cholesterol

Dyslipidemia (otherwise known as high cholesterol) is a risk factor for a number of conditions, including stroke and heart disease. A recent Chinese study suggests that insomnia is associated with higher rates of dyslipidemia - particularly among women. The study in question involved over 10,000 Chinese adults who were asked [...]

Your parenting style may determine whether or not your child ends up with insomnia

Parenting has a huge influence on the sleep of our children. If we don't pay attention to how our kids are sleeping (and put the right level of importance on sleep), childhood sleeplessness can develop into insomnia and other health conditions. I recently came across an older study that investigated [...]

Is the workplace inbox behind your insomnia?

It's no surprise that today's 'always connected' culture is putting pressure on people to be constantly available for work. As a result, more of us are checking our work emails and accessing work documents from home in the evenings and on weekends. A German study has determined that this is [...]

Are you an athlete struggling with insomnia?

Exercise is one of the best natural insomnia remedies - yet many athletes find they struggle with sleep. One theory has now been put forward as to why this may be the case: energy drinks. Although I've written about the negative effects of energy drinks on teenagers before, a new [...]

The real reason why pain likely to lead to insomnia

It's perhaps unsurprising that those who suffer from chronic or widespread pain are more likely to experience problems with their sleep. However, a new study suggests that adults who suffer from pain for longer than a day are more likely to report sleep problems years later. The study in question [...]

The reason why seniors (and those with Alzheimer’s) find sleep difficult

As we age, we typically find it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep - yet we don't really know why. A new study set out to determine why seniors (and adults with Alzheimer's disease) appear to be more susceptible to insomnia. The study looked at the brains of 45 [...]