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Insomnia Causes

Newsflash: Training for Iron Man may cause insomnia

If you've been free of insomnia for a while, the last thing you want is to encourage its return. For this reason, please consider this a public service announcement: do not train for Iron Man. For those that don't know, an Iron Man triathlon involves a 2.4 mile swim followed [...]

Old people are the cause of insomnia!

An article from Herald Scotland tells us that it's the elderly that are causing insomnia (at least if you're a British politician). A more boring explanation of the article is that it is referring to the challenges an ageing population creates for governments in more economically developed countries. Just so [...]

Thanksgiving creates and cures insomnia

It's Thanksgiving here in the USA tomorrow. We consider it a practice run for Christmas - whoever is hosting the occasion cooks up a feast, relatives get drunk, and then sleep or arguments ensue. So, if you're doing the hosting, the night before Thanksgiving may well be a guaranteed sleepness [...]