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12 herbal tea ingredients to help improve your sleep

Tea is unlikely to cure chronic insomnia, but some herbal tea ingredients can help reduce stress and anxiety which may contribute to sleep issues. If your insomnia is quite mild, or you only experience insomnia from time to time, you may want to give herbal teas a try. Here are [...]

Is it possible to avoid sleeping pill tolerance?

Typically, insomnia sufferers who are prescribed sleeping pills start off with a relatively low dose and are told to take them only on nights when they experience difficulties with sleep. Unfortunately, many insomniacs find they need to continually increase their dose over time in order to maintain the effectiveness of [...]

How to boost melatonin levels naturally to improve your sleep

Regular readers of this insomnia blog know that I am not a huge fan of melatonin supplements when it comes to treating insomnia. There are ways to naturally increase your melatonin levels, though. One way is by eating more tropical fruits. A small clinical crossover study out of Thailand selected [...]

Should I nap if I have insomnia and can’t sleep at night?

Generally speaking, if you suffer from insomnia, naps are usually best avoided. That's because they reduce sleep pressure, so if you're trying to improve your sleep through sleep restriction therapy, naps can counter the very effect you're trying to achieve. However, naps aren't all bad. A recent French study found [...]

Can Celtic sea salt cure insomnia?

A few years ago, I wrote about a study from 1945 that suggested cutting back on salt can improve sleep. Yet it turns out that salt may not be all bad, after all. Some have suggested that breathing salt can be beneficial to sleep. Now it would appear that the [...]

What to do when you can only exercise late at night

Exercise can improve sleep. If you want to use exercise as a natural insomnia remedy to help you fall asleep, it's best to exercise within three to six hours of bedtime to give your body temperature enough time to fall. Exercise should be avoided in the three hours before bedtime [...]