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Thanksgiving creates and cures insomnia

It's Thanksgiving here in the USA tomorrow. We consider it a practice run for Christmas - whoever is hosting the occasion cooks up a feast, relatives get drunk, and then sleep or arguments ensue. So, if you're doing the hosting, the night before Thanksgiving may well be a guaranteed sleepness [...]

The effectiveness of insomnia medication

We know that many of you dislike taking medication for insomnia (you've told us). We recently read that an insomnia drug, approved by the FDA, barely got through the approval process and in one trial it failed to reduce the number of patients with insomnia. The issue here is this: [...]

Now a soda can cure insomnia!

We recently came across a website selling a soda that contains ingredients thought to counteract insomnia. Funnily enough, although a lot of external websites are mentioning the product's ability to relieve insomnia, there's no mention of that on their website. Still, it sounds like something that could be fun (and [...]

Insomnia sleep clinics

We put this out on twitter, but didn't really get much of a response. We'd love to hear from you if you've been to a sleep clinic. Did you find it worthwhile? We read a couple of articles from people that have been to a sleep clinic - this is [...]

The same old insomnia advice – it gets boring

So that we can keep up to date with all the latest news about insomnia, we subscribe to Google Alerts. Almost every time 'insomnia cures' are mentioned, the advice is pretty much always the same. It runs along the lines of: Build a sleep routine Relax before bedtime Have a [...]