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New research identifies some interesting global sleep patterns

A recently published article has just shed some light on global sleep patterns. The data was collected by an app designed to reduce jet lag. Users of the app could opt-in to allow data on their sleep to be sent back to the app's servers. Some of the more interesting [...]

Ease osteoarthritis pain by improving your sleep

There is a definite link between long term sleep deprivation and chronic pain. Previous studies have found a link between insomnia and joint pain. It has even been suggested that sleep disruption can increase inflammatory markers, increasing the risk of developing arthritis. A more recent study has found that if [...]

Study suggests sleep deprivation is harder on women with bipolar disorder

A little over a year ago, I wrote about a study that found women were more likely to suffer from health conditions associated with insomnia compared to men. Another study has recently been published that comes with more bad news for sleep deprived women - particularly women with bipolar disorder. [...]

What if we let our kids get just one extra hour of sleep?

I've been writing about how early school start times have been harming our children for over five years now. Three years ago, I reported on a study that found making school start times a little later increased academic achievement dramatically. Now it would appear that others are catching on. UK [...]

Can you solve your relationship problems by getting more sleep?

If you (or your partner) often complain about feeling under appreciated, insomnia may be to blame. According to research out of the University of California, Berkeley, sleep deprivation can leave people feeling too tired to express gratitude. As a result, partners can feel taken for granted. The study involved more [...]

The truth about melatonin supplements for insomnia

I'm pretty active on Twitter (if you're on there, you can follow me here). One thing I see on there (a lot) is people complaining about their insomnia. That's fine (it's always good to vent). However, I also see a lot of replies from people who then recommend melatonin supplements. In [...]