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Insomniacs burn more calories but expend less energy

A new study has found that missing one night of sleep forces the body to burn an extra 161 calories. Before you start considering insomnia as an ideal slimming aid, you should also know that the body tries to make up for this the following day by conserving energy.

During the 24 hour period in which participants caught up on their missing sleep they burned 228 fewer calories compared to the 24 hours they were deprived of sleep. To put this into perspective, it has been suggested that consuming 50 additional calories per day over an extended period of time can lead to obesity.

So there you have it. Insomniacs burn more calories when they don't sleep, but their body makes up for this by hoarding energy the following day. 'Rock' and 'a hard place' spring to mind.

Source: The Journal of Physiology

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Last updated: February 8, 2011

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