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Introducing the ultimate insomnia cure – a lobotomy

Dr Maisel blames insomnia on our racing minds.

That makes sense, since we know that insomnia is often caused and exacerbated by our inability to switch off our brains.

Worrying and excessive thinking keeps our brains active at night, making sleep more difficult. Similarly, the more we worry about sleep, the harder it is to fall asleep.

Dr Maisel is so confident that insomnia is a wholly psychological condition, he claims that if insomniacs were lobotomized their insomnia would be immediately cured.

Fortunately he isn't suggesting this as a realistic insomnia cure - however, the suggestion does a good job of drawing attention to the influence our brains have on our sleep.

Instead, Dr Maisel encourages mindfulness training as an insomnia cure. He references a study undertaken at the University of Minnesota that found eight weeks of mindfulness training resulted in participants falling asleep more quickly than those taking sleeping pills.

So here's your choice - you can have a lobotomy or you can work to change your life so you feel less worried, threatened, angry, anxious or upset since that's often what keeps your brain active and awake at night.

Our preference would certainly be the latter.

Source: Psychology Today

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Last updated: November 7, 2012

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