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Melatonin combined with exercise may protect against Alzheimer’s disease

There is growing concern over a potential link between Alzheimer's disease and sleep disturbances such as insomnia.

As a result, an increasing number of studies are being undertaken in this area.

One that recently caught my eye involved giving mice melatonin supplements in a bid to improve symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers found that melatonin supplements (popular with many sleep disturbed individuals) and exercise (probably less popular) both improved cognitive health and reduced brain oxidative stress.

Both were found to be highly neuroprotective.

However, researchers found that the biggest benefits came when the two treatments were combined. Melatonin AND exercise combined were far more effective than just one of the two.

Further proof that pills are never a substitute for good exercise (or a healthy, active lifestyle).

Source: PubMed

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Last updated: March 11, 2013

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