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Sleep is too boring!

We don't just read the news - we also like to read the blogs and twitter streams of insomnia sufferers. We recently came across this blog post from Helena who explains that she can't sleep because she thinks sleeping is boring! We have to admit, we'd never considered this as [...]

Even ‘natural’ insomnia medications have side effects

There are a number of 'natural' insomnia medications out there. A few that spring to mind include Kava Kava, Valerian Root and melatonin supplements. Just because these are marketed as natural, it doesn't mean they don't come without risks or side effects. This article from the Los Angeles Times debates [...]

Insomnia therapy from Buddha

We're always on the lookout for new ideas and original advice for relieving insomnia. Today we came across this interesting article in Psychology Today from a professor at Naropa University, Colorado who applies the Noble Truths from Buddha's early teachings in her capacity as a contemplative therapist. Regardless of whether [...]

The economics of insomnia medication

We're not naive. We know that the drug companies release drugs to make money - not to make themselves feel good. However, we were still mildly surprised to discover that in 2005, promotional spending by pharmaceutical companies in the United States totalled $29.9 billion and that the average American can [...]

Probably the least popular New Year’s resolution

Allow us to suggest a New Year's resolution for you - more sleep. If you're a chronic insomniac, you're probably yelling at your screen right now telling us that's exactly what you want! This post is directed mainly at those who aren't long term insomniacs, though. We want to take [...]

Sleep monitors for insomnia – more stress, less sleep?

Three students from Brown University have come up with a sleep monitor that supposedly acts as a sleep coach. The Zeo Sleep Monitor measures your brainwaves during the night and in the morning gives you a sleep score and some other data (the video in the article is worth a [...]