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Can food cure your insomnia?

We know that many of you don't like taking sleeping pills. We also know that some of you don't like taking any of the more natural alternatives, either. If you're one of these people, you might like to try altering (or supplementing) your diet. This article from epicurious asks whether [...]

Individuals need to take insomnia more seriously

We are always saying that society needs to take insomnia more seriously - but maybe we are missing the bigger picture. Maybe it isn't society that doesn't take insomnia seriously enough - perhaps it's the people that suffer from it. We talk to a lot of insomniacs - many of [...]

Your chaotic bedroom is the cause of your insomnia!

As regular readers know, we like to have a bit of fun with this blog every now and again. On that note, we couldn't help sharing this article from Earth Times. It generally reads like a normal run of the mill insomnia advice article, but there are some real nuggets [...]

Insomnia doesn’t just affect insomniacs

We don't think society takes insomnia seriously enough. Not only can it be debilitating for the sufferer, it can have huge effects on others, too. Spouses of insomniacs can suffer - some of you have told us that your partner's long term insomnia has actually ended up affecting your sleep, [...]

Merry Christmas and stick with the vodka to prevent insomnia

Just a quick post today to wish you all a happy Christmas. For some of us, today is a day of over-indulgence. For some of us, that means we may have one or two alcohol infused beverages (or more). If this applies to you, consider this - for a better [...]

The NBA understands the importance of sleep… society next?

We still think that insomnia and other sleep disorders are not taken seriously enough and require more education and awareness. However, we came across a somewhat reassuring article in the New York Times that explains why some NBA teams are dropping the morning shoot-around. Apparently, by the time professional basketball [...]