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Being green may result in more cases of insomnia

I've already written about reports of a link between phone masts and insomnia, now I've come across an article that claims wind turbines have a similar negative effect on our health. Apparently, 'Wind Turbine Syndrome' gives people heart disease, vertigo, panic attacks, insomnia, and migraine headaches. It's all to do [...]

What is insomnia?

This is a hypothetical question - we aren't going to write a 10,000 word article with a comprehensive definition. However, what we do want to write about is the issue that whilst there are specific definitions out there, people tend to interpret them differently (or don't really understand exactly what [...]

Cure insomnia by counting backwards from 3594 in 7s

We're always on the lookout for new advice on insomnia relief - and today we found something rather unique. This Huffington Post article lists the five steps from the 'Restful Insomnia' program - all pretty standard until we get to step three: 3. Diminish the overwrought mind ... let your [...]

Insomnia relief: Reading is good (but not when you’re in bed)

Reading is often included in the list of 'relaxing activities' recommended to insomnia sufferers before bedtime. But hold your horses - you need make sure you're doing the right kind of reading! Yes, apparently reading is good - as long as you aren't reading in bed. Apparently, as soon as [...]

Do phone masts cause insomnia?

An article about an 'iBurst tower' causing insomnia in South Africa got our attention recently. Residents that live close to the mast claim it has resulted in health problems, including insomnia. We already know about the controversy of mobile phone masts - some people have been claiming they lead to [...]

Your bad habits are to blame for your insomnia

We've lost count of the number of insomnia cures and tips we've read. However, a recent article from The Spectrum piqued our interest. In the article, a sleep medicine specialist (fancy title!) claims that many of the factors that may contribute to insufficient sleep stem from the society we live [...]