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Insomnia? It’s the stress, mate!

Apparently, 51% of Australians blame stress for their insomnia. Let's look at this the other way around, though - almost half of those surveyed did not think stress was a factor in their sleeping problems. We think people are too quick to blame stress for their insomnia. Furthermore, why are [...]

Is stress really to blame for student insomnia?

Last month we shared a link via our twitter account to an article from The Harvard Law Record about a student who had given up sleep. We thought it was a pretty ridiculous article (you can make up your own mind). Now today, we came across a report from Queen's [...]

You suffer with insomnia because you’re a scrooge!

We just finished reading an article on Chicago Now that claims your pillow could be the reason why you aren't getting a good night's sleep. Whilst we would agree that having a comfortable bed is definitely a good thing when it comes to trying to sleep, we doubt it's the [...]

The inconsistency of insomnia advice

As we've said before, we often see the same old insomnia advice. Often, this mentions adopting a soothing, relaxing bedtime routine. However, one article we read recently actually recommends light exercise before bed. Apparently, a recent study from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil found that people who did [...]

Cure your insomnia with a bed of nails!

I like to have a little bit of fun with this blog from time to time. With that in mind, I couldn't miss sharing this one with you: just a week after I wrote about bed manufacturers declaring war on insomnia, I now hear that nail beds are apparently becoming [...]

Being diagnosed with insomnia

Have you been diagnosed with insomnia or another sleep disorder? If so, do you feel your diagnosis was based on a thorough consultation process? We recently read of one diagnosis that seemed all too speedy to us - but again, we are not doctors. Sleep disorders are complicated - can [...]