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Newsflash: Training for Iron Man may cause insomnia

If you've been free of insomnia for a while, the last thing you want is to encourage its return. For this reason, please consider this a public service announcement: do not train for Iron Man. For those that don't know, an Iron Man triathlon involves a 2.4 mile swim followed [...]

Retirement is the ultimate cure for insomnia

Mail Online tells us that retirement is the best way to get a good night's sleep. They quoted a study from the science journal Sleep that found there was a 25% drop in the rate of reported sleep disturbances after retirement. Is this a case of older people simply passing [...]

When it comes to insomnia the USA is not equal

Many Americans are deprived of sleep - that doesn't entirely surprise us. However, what did interest us was just how sleep deprivation varies across the United States. Apparently, things aren't looking too good for you if you live in the Eastern United States - particularly if you're a resident of [...]

Old people are the cause of insomnia!

An article from Herald Scotland tells us that it's the elderly that are causing insomnia (at least if you're a British politician). A more boring explanation of the article is that it is referring to the challenges an ageing population creates for governments in more economically developed countries. Just so [...]

Thanksgiving creates and cures insomnia

It's Thanksgiving here in the USA tomorrow. We consider it a practice run for Christmas - whoever is hosting the occasion cooks up a feast, relatives get drunk, and then sleep or arguments ensue. So, if you're doing the hosting, the night before Thanksgiving may well be a guaranteed sleepness [...]

Childhood insomnia

We've noticed an increasing number of stories coming out recently about childhood insomnia. We'll be honest here - we didn't know how big of an issue this was. By some accounts, it is estimated that up to 20% of young children have insomnia. If your child is having trouble sleeping [...]