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Newsflash: Your body never adapts to working the night shift

We already know that long term shift work harms sleep. Working the night shift over a long period of time also comes with a number of health risks including diabetes, heart disease and even cancer [1]. One study has found that working shifts for 10 years can age the brain by an [...]

Ease osteoarthritis pain by improving your sleep

There is a definite link between long term sleep deprivation and chronic pain. Previous studies have found a link between insomnia and joint pain. It has even been suggested that sleep disruption can increase inflammatory markers, increasing the risk of developing arthritis. A more recent study has found that if [...]

How to cure insomnia caused by chronic pain

Researchers at the University of Warwick in Coventry, UK, have stated that most patients who seek treatment for pain also report insomnia that is severe enough to warrant clinical attention. Perhaps that should come as no surprise - living with chronic pain is hardly going to be conducive to a [...]

If you’re a woman over 50 with insomnia, you need to read this (if you want to sleep better)

When it comes to how well we sleep (or don't sleep), there does appear to be a difference between the genders. It's thought that hormonal changes are responsible for many cases of insomnia in women. If you want to improve your sleep without sleeping pills, moderate intensity exercise can really [...]

Study suggests sleep deprivation is harder on women with bipolar disorder

A little over a year ago, I wrote about a study that found women were more likely to suffer from health conditions associated with insomnia compared to men. Another study has recently been published that comes with more bad news for sleep deprived women - particularly women with bipolar disorder. [...]

CBT for insomnia may cure more than just insomnia

I am a big fan of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. I believe it should be the first treatment offered to those suffering from chronic insomnia. Others agree with me: CBT-i has been recognized as the preferred treatment for chronic insomnia by the National Institutes of Health and the British Medical [...]