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Sleep deprivation makes you more likely to catch a cold

It looks as though we may have another condition to add to the list of health consequences of insomnia: the common cold. A US study took 164 healthy men and women between the ages of 18 to 55 and asked them to record their sleep over the course of a week. [...]

Teenagers with sleep problems more likely to self-harm

A disturbing study was recently published by researchers in Norway. The study surveyed over 10,000 teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 on their mental health, including sleep duration and quality, and self-harm. 702 of the teenagers reported self-harming, with around half of this group claiming to have self-harmed [...]

Is it possible to avoid sleeping pill tolerance?

Typically, insomnia sufferers who are prescribed sleeping pills start off with a relatively low dose and are told to take them only on nights when they experience difficulties with sleep. Unfortunately, many insomniacs find they need to continually increase their dose over time in order to maintain the effectiveness of [...]

How to boost melatonin levels naturally to improve your sleep

Regular readers of this insomnia blog know that I am not a huge fan of melatonin supplements when it comes to treating insomnia. There are ways to naturally increase your melatonin levels, though. One way is by eating more tropical fruits. A small clinical crossover study out of Thailand selected [...]

Should you ignore your insomnia if you want to keep your guns?

Earlier this year, the media was in a furore over a story that a man who sought treatment for insomnia ended up having his guns confiscated. Apparently, after seeking medical help he was admitted to hospital for treatment. Less than a week later the Country Sheriff's Department turned up on [...]

I don’t get much sleep. Do I have insomnia?

Not necessarily. Just as the myth of 8 hours of sleep has been well and truly debunked, it would appear that some of us can live healthy and fulfilling lives with far less sleep than most. In 2009, Californian researchers met a woman who went to bed around midnight and [...]