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The insomnia that becomes more common as we get older

Back in 2012 I wrote about a survey that suggested we should expect our sleep to improve as we age. As I pointed out at the time, though, the survey was subjective in nature. More recent (and objective studies) have cast doubt about the accuracy of that survey. One study [...]

Is insomnia a form of revenge?

I just finished watching an interesting video from The School of Life. They offer a rather original way of thinking about insomnia. They argue that insomnia is a form of revenge for the ideas we push away or couldn't analyze during the day; ideas and thoughts that are important and [...]

The dangers of insomnia when pregnant

Perhaps it's unsurprising that insomnia and pregnancy are closely linked, what with the hormonal and other physical and mental changes associated with pregnancy. Regardless of how common insomnia in pregnant women may be, it should never be ignored. It's thought that insomnia during pregnancy puts women at a higher risk [...]

Can a Wuling capsule cure insomnia?

Today I want to explore the effectiveness of one of the myriad 'natural insomnia remedies' out there. Wuling is a type of fungus found in China. Wuling capsules are typically made from a powdered form of the mushroom. According to Chinese medicine, Wuling is thought to aid sleep and treat [...]

Avoid insomnia – don’t become an astronaut!

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston, astronauts get less than six hours of sleep on orbiting space shuttles and barely more than six hours when on the International Space Station - even though NASA allots 8.5 hours of sleep for all space-traveling astronauts. Furthermore, about 75% of [...]

What are the best sleeping pills?

Consumer Reports set out to determine the best sleeping pills for insomnia by comparing effectiveness, safety and price of the most common sleep aids. All the sleeping pills evaluated had to be approved by the FDA for treating insomnia. You can read their full findings (all nine pages) via the [...]