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The prevalence (and causes) of insomnia in children

A study by the National Sleep Foundation has estimated that nearly half of teenagers in the United States aren't getting enough sleep (in three-quarters of those cases, insomnia was to blame for that lack of sleep) and nearly a third of teenagers are only getting a borderline acceptable amount of [...]

Does social anxiety lead to insomnia?

We already know there's a link between sleep disturbance and anxiety - and, since one of the most prevalent forms of anxiety is social anxiety, it makes sense that these individuals may have the highest rates of insomnia.I recently came across a study that looked to investigate this relationship. Researchers measured [...]

Too much sleep is more dangerous than not enough sleep

I've written before about the unnecessary pressure many people put themselves under to get that magical eight hours of sleep.Many of us don't need eight hours of sleep. In fact, one study suggests that the longer we sleep, the higher our risk of death.A UK researcher analyzed 16 studies and [...]

The vicious cycle of insomnia

Many individuals on my free sleep training course for insomnia find sleep difficult because they worry excessively about their sleep. The more they worry about sleep, the more difficult sleep becomes. What may start out as just a few nights of sleeplessness can turn into long-term, chronic insomnia. Before they [...]

Functional restoration may ease insomnia for those with chronic spinal pain

It's perhaps little surprise that individuals suffering from chronic pain often struggle with sleep. A recent study looked at individuals with chronic spine pain to determine how effective a functional restoration program would be at relieving pain and insomnia. Functional restoration is a rehabilitation program designed to improve physical function. [...]

Is your spleen to blame for your insomnia?

Chinese medicine suggests that those who suffer from insomnia are experiencing an imbalance in their spleen. This imbalance can reduce nourishment to the heart which can lead to anxiety, worry and other thoughts that make sleep difficult. Before you dismiss these ideas entirely, it's worth being reminded that Chinese doctors [...]