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What makes cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia so effective?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (otherwise known as CBT for insomnia or CBT-i) is universally recognized as the most effective insomnia treatment. That's because CBT works by tackling the root cause of most cases of insomnia (incorrect thoughts and behaviors towards sleep). Researchers recently set out to determine which component [...]

A proven natural insomnia remedy for older adults

A recent study set out to determine the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation as a way of improving sleep in older adults. The research involved a small group of adults with an average age of 66 who had moderate sleep disturbances. Half were taught mindfulness awareness practices and half were taught [...]

Over 60? You’re probably sleeping better than you think

About 5 years ago I wrote about the possibility that some insomnia sufferers may be getting more sleep than they think they are. A new study appears to back this up - at least in older adults. Researchers in the United States found discrepancies when comparing self-reported insomnia symptoms and [...]

3 drug-free insomnia remedies put to the (scientific) test

Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles recently set out to determine which natural insomnia remedy was more effective at treating insomnia; cognitive behavioral therapy, Tai Chi (a Chinese martial art) or sleep seminar education. 123 older adults with chronic and primary insomnia were divided into 3 groups. [...]

Your body clock may influence the effectiveness of your medication

Our body clocks have a huge influence on our sleep. A new study now suggests that our body clocks experience a pair of 'rush hours' - periods of large shifts in activity just before dawn and just before dusk. Researchers examined samples from various parts of the body that are [...]

Could your sleeping pills be putting you at a higher risk of developing dementia?

A link has already been identified between the use of benzodiazepines and Alzheimer's disease. Now it looks as though there's another type of drug that's often taken as a sleep aid that can be linked to dementia: antihistamines (and more specifically, diphenhydramine). This latest study by researchers at the University [...]