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Prepare for a breakup if you continue to ignore your insomnia

In 2010 I reported that when it comes to insomnia prevalence, there is no statistical variation in insomnia between those never married, married, divorced, widowed or separated.

That being said, a recent study found that after a bad night's sleep, we lose relationship problem solving skills and feelings of intimacy - all of which can lead to relationship problems.

In this latest study, research participants reported more conflict in their relationships after nights of poor sleep.

After further investigation, researchers found that sleep deprivation led to more feelings of negativity and less empathetic accuracy (how accurately you're able to infer the thoughts and feelings of another person).

This isn't the only study to find a link between relationship problems and sleep deprivation.

A British study from 2011 found that those with insomnia were four times more likely to have relationship problems.

If you want to keep your relationship happy and healthy, it's time to deal with your insomnia sooner rather than later.

Sources: SPPS, Mental Health Foundation (PDF)  

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Last updated: October 15, 2013

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