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Should you ignore your insomnia if you want to keep your guns?

Earlier this year, the media was in a furore over a story that a man who sought treatment for insomnia ended up having his guns confiscated.

Apparently, after seeking medical help he was admitted to hospital for treatment.

Less than a week later the Country Sheriff's Department turned up on his doorstep and confiscated his pistol license and four handguns.

There's a bit more to the story, though.

The individual concerned, Donald Montgomery, a U.S. Navy veteran and retired police detective wasn't only being treated for insomnia. He was also diagnosed with depression.

Unfortunately, even though Mr Montgomery was discharged after 48 hours with medical assessments stating he was mildly depressed but with no, "... psychotic processes, mania, or OCD symptoms...", a few days later the Country Sheriff's Department turned up on his doorstep and confiscated his gun license and firearms.

It turns out that Mr Montgomery's records had been turned over to the Mental Hygiene Legal Service. State police then sent a letter to the county clerk's office stating that he had been deemed a mental defective and that he was not permitted to possess any firearms.

Mr Montgomery alleges all this stemmed from his admission being classified incorrectly as an involuntary admission, which required hospital staff to follow the escalating reporting process.

So the real truth is this - it seems as though Mr Montgomery's firearms were not taken away from him just because he sought help for his insomnia.

Instead, it looks as though they were taken away because of his treatment for depression and due to what appears to be a clerical error in the bureaucratic categorization of (and reaction to) that condition.

Don't ignore your insomnia or depression based on what happened in one widely-reported news article. Seek help.

Source: Washington Times

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Last updated: August 4, 2015

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