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Sleep is too boring!

We don't just read the news - we also like to read the blogs and twitter streams of insomnia sufferers. We recently came across this blog post from Helena who explains that she can't sleep because she thinks sleeping is boring!

We have to admit, we'd never considered this as a potential cause of insomnia - probably because we love sleep and consider it anything but boring! The blog post raises an interesting point, though. If one person doesn't sleep even when they're tired because they consider sleep to be boring, we can confidently say that others feel the same way, too.

What advice would you offer Helena and others like her? How can sleep be made more interesting, exciting and fun?! Cheese before bed can apparently lead to nightmares - that might make sleep more exciting, but probably a little too terrifying. It's over to you!

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Last updated: April 30, 2010

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