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Medicines for these three health conditions may cause insomnia

We all know the obvious drugs that can contribute to insomnia, so we're not going to harp on about alcohol, caffeine and nicotine again. Instead, we want to bring your attention to the following types of medication: Medications for attention deficit disorder may cause insomnia Children and adults who are [...]

The challenge faced by parents of children with insomnia and/or ADHD

One sleep expert has argued that the 5 million+ children being treated for ADHD are actually suffering from sleep deprivation. At the same time, a lack of sleep has been associated with the rise of ADHD in children. Keeping these two points in mind, we came across an interesting article [...]

Your child may be suffering from sleep deprivation, not ADHD

It seems as though ADHD in children is rising at an exponential rate (the Centers for Disease Control puts the current number at almost 10% of all children aged between 5 and 17 years of age) - but one sleep expert feels that the majority of the 5 million+ children [...]