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Drink a shot of beer, cure your insomnia

Don't go out and get drunk to celebrate - alcohol consumption ruins sleep. That being said, having a 'taste' may be good for you if you're trying to relieve your insomnia symptoms. According to research undertaken at the Indiana University School of Medicine, simply tasting alcohol can significantly increase dopamine [...]

Alcohol helps you fall asleep but ruins the quality of your sleep

There's a close connection between insomnia and alcohol.Alcohol withdrawal can harm sleep and alcohol use can worsen insomnia symptoms.Another study recently confirmed that alcohol isn't the answer when it comes to improving your sleep.The latest research found that although alcohol can make us fall asleep faster (it even helps send [...]

Drinking alcohol may make your insomnia worse

Having a drink (or two, or three...) is often touted as a cure for insomnia yet most insomniacs know that sleep through intoxication isn't really helpful. Besides the health implications, those who drink to sleep report poor sleep quality and grogginess the next day. A study published in a well [...]