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If you love having insomnia, keep on binge drinking

We already know that you shouldn't be drinking alcohol to help you sleep (but a taste may help). Now, new research has found that frequent binge drinking can lead to insomnia, particularly in older adults. The study in question involved almost 5,000 participants over the age of 55. Each individual [...]

Alcohol helps you fall asleep but ruins the quality of your sleep

There's a close connection between insomnia and alcohol.Alcohol withdrawal can harm sleep and alcohol use can worsen insomnia symptoms.Another study recently confirmed that alcohol isn't the answer when it comes to improving your sleep.The latest research found that although alcohol can make us fall asleep faster (it even helps send [...]

Alcohol withdrawal and insomnia

We already know that alcohol makes insomnia worse - but what about the link between alcohol withdrawal and insomnia? We've already written about a common drug prescribed to recovering alcoholics (trazodone) increasing the chances of relapse - so how can recovering alcoholics improve their sleep without affecting their recovery? Research [...]

Drinking alcohol may make your insomnia worse

Having a drink (or two, or three...) is often touted as a cure for insomnia yet most insomniacs know that sleep through intoxication isn't really helpful. Besides the health implications, those who drink to sleep report poor sleep quality and grogginess the next day. A study published in a well [...]

Women who drink get less sleep than their male counterparts

We already know that insomnia is more prevalent in women than men; now a new study tells us that women who drink are more likely to suffer with sleeping problems than male drinkers. The study found that women who drank alcohol in quantities high enough to get drunk got around 20 minutes [...]

Alcohol may be the cause of insomnia in students

Unsurprisingly, a lot of students enjoy drinking alcohol. At the same time, many students don't get enough sleep. Now a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol states that there is a link between the two. Apparently, the more frequently a student consumes alcohol, the less likely they are [...]