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If you love having insomnia, keep on binge drinking

We already know that you shouldn't be drinking alcohol to help you sleep (but a taste may help). Now, new research has found that frequent binge drinking can lead to insomnia, particularly in older adults. The study in question involved almost 5,000 participants over the age of 55. Each individual [...]

Drinking alcohol may make your insomnia worse

Having a drink (or two, or three...) is often touted as a cure for insomnia yet most insomniacs know that sleep through intoxication isn't really helpful. Besides the health implications, those who drink to sleep report poor sleep quality and grogginess the next day. A study published in a well [...]

Hops are the insomnia cure you’ve been hoping for

It's not really a secret that alcohol can help you sleep. Unfortunately, it's hardly a reliable long term solution to insomnia - first of all, you don't get quality sleep when it's induced by alcohol, and secondly your liver certainly won't be thanking you. Don't lose hope just yet, though; [...]