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Insomnia + depression + anxiety = poor workplace performance

In November 2012, I wrote about a study that found insomnia costs American businesses up to $31 billion every year - mainly through mistakes and injuries. Now a new study suggests that insomniacs with a depressive or anxiety disorder have higher rates of absenteeism and are more likely to suffer [...]

Foods that naturally fight these 8 common insomnia causes

The types of food we eat can strongly influence not only our sleep, but our overall health and wellbeing. Today I am going to identify 8 common insomnia causes and describe the foods that will naturally help alleviate each condition. Insomnia Cause: Stress Milk and whole grains both contain tryptophan [...]

Is your past life to blame for your insomnia?

Clara suffered from insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks for over 25 years. Several different medications didn't help, and doctors who administered various tests couldn't find anything wrong. She dealt with intense anxiety, specifically related to her son. After just one session of past life regression therapy, Clara concluded that she [...]

Hope you cope with the day’s events affects the quality of your sleep

New research has found that our sleep quality is affected by the way we process the events of the day. The Belgian study saw 28 participants presented with a negative-failure scenario. Half were asked to address the situation with understanding and acceptance and the other half were asked to address [...]