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benefits of insomnia

This woman earned over $45,000 thanks to her insomnia

Let's finish off the week with something a little more light-hearted. Do you sometimes struggle to see anything positive about your insomnia? Well, insomnia earned one woman in Boston over $45,000! Carolyn Sartory was having trouble sleeping one night so she fired up her iPad (normally a bad idea, by [...]

Feeling optimistic? Thank your insomnia!

It may be hard to believe, but there can actually be benefits to having insomnia. From our insomnia help forums: LindsayK - I get a lot of work done. IvanAleisterMesniaa - Insomnia gives me inspiration to write and it helps me think more rationally. yourfavoritecyn - I have more time [...]

Insomnia and the creative mind

From our experience in Insomnia Land's insomnia help forums, we know that insomnia affects a large number of creative people; writers, painters, designers and so on. A lot of the time, it seems as though the main reason for this is the fact that creatives struggle to switch off their [...]