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The best insomnia remedy for cancer survivors

A recent study set out to determine which insomnia treatment was more effective for cancer survivors: mindfulness-based stress reduction (a combination of yoga and mindful meditation) or cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. The study involved 111 Canadian adults with nonmetastatic cancer who were at least 1 month away from finishing [...]

No link between insomnia and breast cancer risk

It would appear that previous suggestions linking insomnia with breast cancer have now been debunked. In a recent study, researchers found no association between breast cancer risk and sleep quality, insomnia, sleep duration or level of sleep disturbance. It was previously thought that lower levels of melatonin result in higher [...]

The prevalence of insomnia in cancer patients

We already know that cancer is one of many insomnia causes. I've also written about suggestions that insomnia may even cause cancer. Today, I want to talk more about cancer as a potential insomnia cause. According to a study out of the Laval University Cancer Research Centre in Quebec, more than [...]