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Is your past life to blame for your insomnia?

Clara suffered from insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks for over 25 years. Several different medications didn't help, and doctors who administered various tests couldn't find anything wrong. She dealt with intense anxiety, specifically related to her son. After just one session of past life regression therapy, Clara concluded that she [...]

New research suggests insomnia may be genetic

In 2010, I reported on a study that found that insomnia sufferers are three times more likely to have a sibling or parent with insomnia, compared to healthy sleepers. In 2011, I reported on a study that found that sleep patterns in one species of fish are genetic. Now I've [...]

Skipping your lunch break may cause insomnia

Skipping your lunch break may create the illusion that you're a hard worker, but it could have one major repercussion when you get home: insomnia. One in five employees in the United Kingdom said that skipping their lunch break makes them stressed and irritable and research shows that working ten [...]

Could defective drywall be the cause of your insomnia?

Here's another reason why it's so important to consider your home environment when trying to figure out the cause of your insomnia. Eleanor Aguilar purchased her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2007. She noticed a smell coming from a bedroom closet; the developers told her it was simply a [...]

Mold could be the cause of your insomnia

We recently read an article that discussed the health implications of mold and we noticed insomnia appear in the list of one man's symptoms. Michael Winchell suffers with a number of symptoms of mold contamination. These include depression, anxiety and insomnia. Although it's difficult to tell whether the mold is [...]

Insomnia is a symptom of lead and mercury poisoning

We just finished reading an article over at The Province about products that are banned in Canada, yet often found available for sale. What really caught our eye was the relationship between lead and mercury poisoning and insomnia. Apparently, lead and mercury poisoning can cause insomnia - something we'd not [...]