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causes of insomnia

The link between insomnia and high cholesterol

Dyslipidemia (otherwise known as high cholesterol) is a risk factor for a number of conditions, including stroke and heart disease. A recent Chinese study suggests that insomnia is associated with higher rates of dyslipidemia - particularly among women. The study in question involved over 10,000 Chinese adults who were asked [...]

Are loud, horny fish destroying your sleep?

An unusual humming noise was disturbing the sleep of residents in a British town last winter, leading to a number of them leaving just so they could get a decent night of sleep.Nobody knew where the disturbing sounds were coming from. Some suggested industrial machinery, others suggested cargo ships, others [...]

Wind turbine syndrome, insomnia, and the nocebo effect

Roughly a year ago I wrote about a possible link between wind turbines and insomnia - and now I've come across another story that seems to back this up.Apparently, dozens of families in Cape Cod are suing their town and the energy company for damages due to 'wind turbine syndrome'.Just [...]

8 of the most common insomnia causes

If you know what causes your insomnia, you can start down the path towards curing your insomnia. Below I've identified eight common insomnia causes (in no particular order) to help you get started. Insomnia cause #1: Medical issues Insomnia is often (but not always) the symptom of an underlying medical [...]

Alcohol may be the cause of insomnia in students

Unsurprisingly, a lot of students enjoy drinking alcohol. At the same time, many students don't get enough sleep. Now a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol states that there is a link between the two. Apparently, the more frequently a student consumes alcohol, the less likely they are [...]

The link between arthritis and insomnia

Perhaps it's no surprise that a new study has shown that arthritis can harm sleep quality - particularly when arthritis pain isn't well controlled, or if the arthritis sufferer is depressed or anxious. What may be more of a surprise is just how prevalent sleep disturbances are among those with [...]