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childhood insomnia

Childhood insomnia is far more common in children who are bullied

The consequences of childhood insomnia are serious. Therefore, it's important to detect and treat insomnia in children early. One study looked at the sleep of over 4,000 students of secondary school age and found that children who were bullied were almost 20 times more likely to suffer from insomnia compared to other [...]

The challenge faced by parents of children with insomnia and/or ADHD

One sleep expert has argued that the 5 million+ children being treated for ADHD are actually suffering from sleep deprivation. At the same time, a lack of sleep has been associated with the rise of ADHD in children. Keeping these two points in mind, we came across an interesting article [...]

Are working parents and technology damaging the sleep of our children?

An interesting report out of India found that children aged between ten and eighteen years are spending an average of six to seven hours per day using an electronic device. What has this got to do with insomnia, you ask? Well, I've already written about the debate over technology harming [...]

Melatonin may improve sleep in children with autism

In June last year, I reported on research that found children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) had abnormally low levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. Researchers consequently found that administering melatonin supplements increased sleep duration and reduced the amount of time it took for the children to fall asleep. Now, [...]

Early school start times leave our teenagers sleep deprived

Almost two years ago to the day I wrote about a school that changed its start time from 7.25am to 8am and saw math SAT results rise 56 points and verbal SAT scores rise 156 points. More recently, a school in the UK changed its start time and saw similar [...]

How long should teenagers sleep?

I don't really agree with setting arbitrary sleep durations since they can add to the pressure many people put on themselves to get the 'right' amount of sleep. I do, however, pass on recommendations that I come across during the course of my research as I know that many people [...]