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childhood insomnia

When your baby suffers from a lack of sleep

We recently wrote about the dangers of medicating your child to sleep (and how prevalent this practice is). If your baby is struggling with sleep, how do you improve their sleep quality without medication? Here are a few tips. A newborn doesn't have an established sleep pattern until they're at [...]

Pediatricians need more sleep disorder training

It's bad enough that most of us don't seek medical advice when suffering from insomnia. Perhaps even worse is the fact that in a randomized sample of pediatricians, only 18% had received any formal training in sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation and other sleep disorders in children need to be taken [...]

The dangers of medicating your child to sleep

In the summer, we reported on a Canadian study that found those who took sleeping pills had a higher mortality rate than those who avoided them. These 'sleeping pills' ranged from tranquilizers such as diazepam, to antihistamines such as diphenhydramines. It's the latter that we want to talk about today. [...]

Your child may be suffering from sleep deprivation, not ADHD

It seems as though ADHD in children is rising at an exponential rate (the Centers for Disease Control puts the current number at almost 10% of all children aged between 5 and 17 years of age) - but one sleep expert feels that the majority of the 5 million+ children [...]

Television may cause childhood insomnia

Straight out of the drawer labeled 'common sense' (next to the one labeled 'well, duh') comes a study that found violent programmes can affect a child's sleep. The study, undertaken by the Seattle Children's Research Institute, looked at a range of media consumption that included television, video games and online [...]

Is a lack of sleep turning your kid into a bully?

A study from the University of Michigan has found that sleep disorders may play a role in aggressive behavior. The researchers found that children who had behavior problems such as aggression and bullying were twice as likely to suffer from a sleep disorder that led to daytime sleepiness. The link [...]