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childhood insomnia

Sleep deprivation in children

I've written before about the importance of sleep in children - now an article from USA Today reminds us of just how important it really is. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), around 25% of children experience some type of sleep problem. More than a third of [...]

Too many cases of childhood insomnia, too much medication being prescribed

I've written before about childhood insomnia. Now I'm reading reports that insomnia is a particular problem among children receiving mental health treatment. According to a recent press release, a study by Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island found that insomnia is a significant clinical issue for nearly a third of [...]

The effect of video games on teenage insomnia

We've written before about the importance of sleep for teenagers and the risks associated with teenage sleep deprivation. We've even suggested that texting may be partly to blame. So what about that other popular teenage past time - video games? The Times of India reports on a new study which [...]

Is text messaging to blame for children not getting enough sleep?

I don't normally run with the same theme over consecutive blog posts, but further to last Friday's post about the importance of sleep in children I want to share with you something that was published in an article in The Sydney Morning Herald. Firstly, the article states that it's difficult [...]

The importance of sleep in children

If you have children under the age of 21, consider this article from The Guardian a must read. It explains just how important sleep is for children and the consequences of not getting enough sleep. Some key points from the article: 90% of American parents think their child is getting [...]

Sleep deprivation in teenagers can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide

We mentioned this a few days ago on our twitter page, but thought it was worth repeating and recording here. A new report has found that teenagers who go to bed after midnight are 24% more likely to to have depression than those who go to bed before 10pm. Furthermore, [...]