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circadian rhythm

Avoid insomnia – don’t become an astronaut!

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston, astronauts get less than six hours of sleep on orbiting space shuttles and barely more than six hours when on the International Space Station - even though NASA allots 8.5 hours of sleep for all space-traveling astronauts. Furthermore, about 75% of [...]

Your body clock may influence the effectiveness of your medication

Our body clocks have a huge influence on our sleep. A new study now suggests that our body clocks experience a pair of 'rush hours' - periods of large shifts in activity just before dawn and just before dusk. Researchers examined samples from various parts of the body that are [...]

Cure your insomnia by going camping for a week

There's no doubt about it - artificial light harms our natural sleep pattern. Thanks to the lightbulb, we stay awake far later than we used to. Thanks to electronics, we're exposed to different forms of light that confuse our bodies and drive our internal bodyclocks haywire. Many people who struggle [...]

Those weekend lie-ins are damaging your sleep during the week

New research suggests that weekend lie-ins are making us sleepier come the following week. According to a study undertaken at UT Southwestern, when we sleep in we're delaying the brain's circadian rhythm (our internal body clock) which makes it more difficult to fall asleep the following day. This then has [...]

We need to support sleep deprived pilots and flight attendants

In March, a JetBlue pilot started acting strangely. He began ranting about September 11, made allusions about terrorism and ran through the cabin yelling about Jesus, terrorists, Iran and Iraq. Captain Osbon was eventually subdued by a passenger and the plane was diverted and landed safely. After being charged with [...]

Stimulate your melanopsin ganglion cells if you want a better night’s sleep

We just finished slogging our way through this article from Science News. It's well worth a read, but it's pretty tough going so let us sum it up for you here. Basically, the article explains how light affects sleep patterns and how you can use light to get a better [...]