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consequences of insomnia

The reason why sleep deprivation harms memory and learning

It's universally accepted that a lack of sleep harms our memories and makes learning more difficult. Yet, strangely enough, until recently, nobody really knew why. The authors of a new study think they've found the reason: when sleep deprived, our brains produce significantly fewer new connections between neurons. The study [...]

Insomnia + depression + anxiety = poor workplace performance

In November 2012, I wrote about a study that found insomnia costs American businesses up to $31 billion every year - mainly through mistakes and injuries. Now a new study suggests that insomniacs with a depressive or anxiety disorder have higher rates of absenteeism and are more likely to suffer [...]

More health consequences of insomnia

A new Scandinavian study has found that insomnia is a risk factor for a number of health conditions. Interestingly, I've covered all of the associated conditions separately on this blog over the past few years - but this serves as further validation. After examining data from studies undertaken over an [...]

No link between insomnia and breast cancer risk

It would appear that previous suggestions linking insomnia with breast cancer have now been debunked. In a recent study, researchers found no association between breast cancer risk and sleep quality, insomnia, sleep duration or level of sleep disturbance. It was previously thought that lower levels of melatonin result in higher [...]

Does a weekend lie-in make up for sleep deprivation during the week?

The short answer: to some extent. A study published in the American Journal of Physiology deprived 30 healthy men and women of 2 hours of sleep each night for a week. Unsurprisingly, the researchers found that sleep deprivation led to higher levels of sleepiness, decreased daytime performance and an increase [...]

Why men need to take insomnia (and heart disease) seriously

Sleep deprivation has long been linked with unhealthy hearts. Studies often find that those suffering from insomnia are more likely to develop heart disease, experience heart attacks and even suffer from strokes. It would also appear that male insomniacs are more likely to pay the ultimate price for their insomnia [...]