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consequences of insomnia

If you want to be creative, you’d better get some sleep!

Many members of my insomnia support group are creative - in fact, we've had a few discussions about whether insomnia breeds creativity or whether creativity breeds insomnia. Now it would appear that both theories may be incorrect - it may actually be sleep that makes us creative (not a lack [...]

Insomnia can lead to a toxic brain and real health risks

There are a number of brain disorders linked to insomnia.A recent study suggests that this may be down to the fact that the body isn't able to remove toxic proteins when it is sleep deprived.Researchers in New York have discovered that sleep helps wash away toxins that naturally develop in the brain [...]

Prepare for a breakup if you continue to ignore your insomnia

In 2010 I reported that when it comes to insomnia prevalence, there is no statistical variation in insomnia between those never married, married, divorced, widowed or separated.That being said, a recent study found that after a bad night's sleep, we lose relationship problem solving skills and feelings of intimacy - all [...]

Can sleep deprivation lead to breast cancer?

Colon cancer and prostate cancer are among the most serious diseases associated with insomnia - now it looks as though we may need to add one more to the list: breast cancer. A study out of Japan involving almost 24,000 women found that those who got less than 7 hours [...]

Yes, sleep deprivation makes you fat. Here’s why.

Sleep is important to so many aspects of our health, is perhaps not too much of a surprise to hear that a lack of sleep can have serious consequences when it comes to body weight. A recent study out of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia found that those who got [...]

The worst type of insomnia is finally revealed

Not that there's any 'good' type of insomnia, of course. Researchers recently set out to determine the extent of insomnia's damaging effects - specifically daytime impairment. This includes concentration, mood, energy levels, relationships and work functioning. The study involved over 10,000 participants. Of these, around half suffered from insomnia. 83% [...]