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consequences of insomnia

Insomnia may quadruple your risk of heart failure

When it comes to linking insomnia with heart disease, heart attacks and other heart conditions, I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. Yet another study has found a link between insomnia and heart health. This time the specific condition is heart failure. Researchers found that those with insomnia were [...]

How to reduce hypertension and improve your sleep (and vice-versa)

There's a clear link between insomnia and hypertension. A Japanese study set out to see if they'd reach a similar conclusion. Researchers looked at over 5,000 individuals with an average age of 44. They found that those with hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) were more likely to suffer [...]

Insomnia makes you less intelligent (and a bit drunk)

I've already written that insomnia can negatively affect cognitive function - now it would seem that sleep deprivation can actually lower your intelligence (and make you feel slightly tipsy). According to a professor at the University of British Columbia, we lose one IQ point for every hour of sleep we [...]

Sleep deprivation may affect bone health

There are many health consequences of insomnia. Now it looks as though it may be time to add yet another one to the list. Research out of the Medical College of Wisconsin suggests that sleep deprivation could be damaging our bones. In tests conducted on rats, researchers found that after [...]

Insomnia may increase your risk of injury

We're not talking about injuries as a side effect of sleeping medication today. Instead, we want to tell you about a new study that found insomnia sufferers are more likely to experience an injury regardless of whether they're taking medication. This latest study looked at close to 5,000 individuals who [...]

The most serious consequences of insomnia

In the three-and-a-half-years I've been writing insomnia related blog posts, I've covered the consequences of insomnia a number of times. Many of them are extremely serious and outright dangerous. Rather than having them dispersed throughout the blog, I thought I'd condense many of them down into one blog post. Short-term sleep [...]