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Natural insomnia remedies should focus on the mind, not pills

Fu Fang Zaoren Jiaonang was marketed in Canada as a natural remedy for insomnia and anxiety. Unfortunately, government officials discovered that its active ingredient (L-tetrahydropalmatine) could damage your liver and other internal organs in as little as two weeks. Fortunately, Health Canada has now removed the product from sale - [...]

Natural Indian remedies for insomnia

We've already shared information on Chinese medicine for insomnia, so it would be unfair not to mention Indian medicine, too. According to one Indian doctor, if you're waking up between 3am and 5am, you're likely to be suffering from stress. If you're waking up between 1am and 3am, your liver [...]

The search for a natural insomnia remedy

We often write about natural insomnia remedies and although most of the time we are cynical (HUUUUUUUU), we appreciate that some do actually work (and even have a scientific basis). So, wouldn't it be good if we could compare a few of the most popular natural insomnia remedies? Fortunately for [...]

Bacopa is another herbal remedy for insomnia

Ever heard of bacopa? Nor had we - until just now. Bacopa is a creeping plant found in the marshes of Southeast Asia that has a long history of use in India. It's used primarily as a treatment for epilepsy, asthma, rheumatism, heart failure and insomnia. It's also thought to [...]

Get kayaking if you want to cure your insomnia

Karen Parkkonen, a 45 year old woman from Vancouver, OR, took leave from work due to neck and shoulder pain, depression and insomnia. After trying different medications and therapists, Karen purchased a kayak. After paddling two to four times each week, she immediately started to feel better. We know that [...]

Recommended essential oils for natural insomnia relief

We've written before about aromatherapy as an insomnia cure. Now we've come across a good list of essential oils recommended for natural insomnia relief and of course, we want to share it with you. According to Dr James Geiger over at Basil & Spice, the following essential oils should be [...]