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Insomnia treatments compared by popularity and effectiveness

CureTogether recently got in touch with us to bring our attention to an infographic they published comparing the top 20 insomnia treatments. The research wasn't particularly scientific, so we wouldn't read too much into it - the data came from their members who have been, '... anonymously sharing symptoms and [...]

Insomnia cures from the Baltic

The Baltic Times recently posted an article about insomnia and it was an interesting read. They certainly described a few insomnia causes and insomnia cures I hadn't heard of before. As is my duty, I'll share them with you. Here are some of the highlights: Eat an apple or drink [...]

Insomnia advice from beyond the grave

Ruth is a member of the Insomnia Land community (we're currently in closed beta - contact us if you're interested in joining). She recently posted a link in the forums to an article over at the BBC's h2g2 about the history of insomnia. It's a fascinating piece, and well worth [...]

Relaxation drinks for insomnia come with their own health risks

Way back in November 2009 I wrote about a soda that claimed it could relieve your insomnia. Well, now it seems there is a new 'anti-energy' drink on the market. 'Drank' is a relaxation drink that has been referred to as 'liquid pot' or 'weed in a can'. Its makers [...]

Can food cure your insomnia?

We know that many of you don't like taking sleeping pills. We also know that some of you don't like taking any of the more natural alternatives, either. If you're one of these people, you might like to try altering (or supplementing) your diet. This article from epicurious asks whether [...]

Insomnia relief: Reading is good (but not when you’re in bed)

Reading is often included in the list of 'relaxing activities' recommended to insomnia sufferers before bedtime. But hold your horses - you need make sure you're doing the right kind of reading! Yes, apparently reading is good - as long as you aren't reading in bed. Apparently, as soon as [...]