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Does social anxiety lead to insomnia?

We already know there's a link between sleep disturbance and anxiety - and, since one of the most prevalent forms of anxiety is social anxiety, it makes sense that these individuals may have the highest rates of insomnia.I recently came across a study that looked to investigate this relationship. Researchers measured [...]

Insomnia + depression + anxiety = poor workplace performance

In November 2012, I wrote about a study that found insomnia costs American businesses up to $31 billion every year - mainly through mistakes and injuries. Now a new study suggests that insomniacs with a depressive or anxiety disorder have higher rates of absenteeism and are more likely to suffer [...]

If you struggle to fall asleep, you’re more likely to end up with depression

Our sleep changes as we get older - and unfortunately there are an increasing number of studies coming out that are finding a link between sleep deprivation and depression. One study out of Australia found that men over the age of 65 who found it difficult to fall asleep were [...]

Medicines for these three health conditions may cause insomnia

We all know the obvious drugs that can contribute to insomnia, so we're not going to harp on about alcohol, caffeine and nicotine again. Instead, we want to bring your attention to the following types of medication: Medications for attention deficit disorder may cause insomnia Children and adults who are [...]

Heart attacks may change the brain and cause insomnia

Perhaps it's no surprise that 15-30% of heart attack survivors suffer from depression and stress. What may be more surprising is a new study that found insomnia and depression are the result of a change in brain chemicals following a heart attack. Apparently, two weeks after a heart attack, the [...]