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How long should teenagers sleep?

I don't really agree with setting arbitrary sleep durations since they can add to the pressure many people put on themselves to get the 'right' amount of sleep. I do, however, pass on recommendations that I come across during the course of my research as I know that many people [...]

Why prompt insomnia treatment is even more important for diabetics

Last year we wrote about a study that found insulin resistance was higher in diabetics suffering from a lack of sleep. Now a new, larger study appears to back up those findings. After monitoring 40 diabetics over the course of six nights, the researchers found that blood glucose levels of [...]

New study may help diabetics with restless leg syndrome

We already know there's a link between restless leg syndrome and insomnia. We also know that diabetics tend to get less sleep than those without the condition. So, what if you're living with the double-whammy - diabetes and restless leg syndrome? Well, we just came across some research that you [...]