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do i have insomnia

I don’t get much sleep. Do I have insomnia?

Not necessarily. Just as the myth of 8 hours of sleep has been well and truly debunked, it would appear that some of us can live healthy and fulfilling lives with far less sleep than most. In 2009, Californian researchers met a woman who went to bed around midnight and [...]

Sleeping pills not working? Maybe you don’t have insomnia after all

Nearly 2 years ago I reported on a small study that found 90% of insomnia sufferers experienced an abnormal sleep breathing event immediately before waking. Now, a larger study has found that those who find sleeping pills have little effect on their insomnia may actually be suffering from obstructive sleep [...]

If you think you have insomnia, keep a sleep diary

Sleep diaries or sleep journals can be extremely useful for those who have trouble with sleep. Besides the fact we often sleep for longer than we think, sleep diaries can help us pinpoint the cause of our insomnia and help us better understand our personal sleep patterns. Now, new research [...]

Do you have a sleep disorder? Answer these 6 questions to find out

We don't like the term 'insomnia' being thrown about - we think it's overused and misunderstood. One night of being unable to sleep is not insomnia. If a cup of hot chocolate is your 'insomnia cure', then you don't have insomnia. At the same time, we don't want to disrespect [...]