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drugs that cause insomnia

10 drugs that harm sleep and may cause insomnia

We already know that drugs commonly used to treat attention deficit disorder, depression and hypertension may cause insomnia.Today I want to get a bit more specific and share 10 medications that can harm sleep.Alpha-blockersOften used to treat high blood pressure, alpha-blockers are thought to reduce rapid eye movement sleep.Beta-blockersLike alpha-blockers, [...]

Medicines for these three health conditions may cause insomnia

We all know the obvious drugs that can contribute to insomnia, so we're not going to harp on about alcohol, caffeine and nicotine again. Instead, we want to bring your attention to the following types of medication: Medications for attention deficit disorder may cause insomnia Children and adults who are [...]

These common medications may cause insomnia

Insomniacs typically experience a lack of energy, bad memory and concentration, irritability, inflammation, depression and a lack of self-esteem. Insomnia sufferers are also at increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. As a result, many insomniacs are on medication. The problem is that many medications can cause insomnia, or make [...]