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effects of insomnia

The link between insomnia and multiple personality disorder

We already know that sleep deprivation can alter our minds. Now it would appear that a very real risk is associated with sleep disturbance and multiple personality disorder. Now known generically as 'dissociation', the condition describes the disruption of normal psychological or conscious functioning. It often leaves people feeling detached [...]

A lack of sleep could increase your risk of developing fibromyalgia

We know that lack of sleep has a number of negative health effects. Today we can add one more to the list: fibromyalgia. A study out of Norway looked at 12,350 women aged 20 and over and found that those who reported problems with sleep were more likely to develop the [...]

Why sleep deprivation makes you hungry

Is your lack of sleep making you feel hungry? If so, there may be a scientific reason for it. Apparently, when we don't get enough rest, our bodies produce higher amounts of ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates hunger). Not only that, ghrelin also reduces the amount of energy we expend - making [...]

Insomnia affects mental health

One of the reasons why insomnia is so difficult to treat is that it's often linked to other conditions. Insomnia can be a symptom of another health problem, or it could be the primary condition. Regardless of whether insomnia is a primary or secondary condition, it is often linked to [...]

Your insomnia is making you stupid

... if you've reached middle age, at least. A new study from the University College London Medical School found that those who usually get six to eight hours of sleep per night score lower on almost every test measuring cognitive function if they get less sleep once hitting middle age. [...]

The destructive effect of insomnia

Insomnia Land has two missions. First, we want to offer genuine support and advice to insomnia sufferers. Second, we want to bring more attention to insomnia and help people understand what insomnia really is. On the latter point, today we want to share an article with you about how insomnia [...]