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effects of insomnia

Why prompt insomnia treatment is even more important for diabetics

Last year we wrote about a study that found insulin resistance was higher in diabetics suffering from a lack of sleep. Now a new, larger study appears to back up those findings. After monitoring 40 diabetics over the course of six nights, the researchers found that blood glucose levels of [...]

The destructive power of sleep deprivation

John Naish recently took part in an experiment that reduced his sleep duration from his normal nightly eight hours to five hours per night for a week. After seven days, John began developing physical and psychological symptoms including an increase in stress hormones and gout. After just two days, John [...]

New guidelines for insomnia treatment

The British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) recently released new guidelines for sleep disorders. These guidelines are intended to act as a comprehensive guide for health professionals managing patients in primary or secondary medical care. You can read the entire statement, or make do with our summary below. The definition of insomnia [...]

If you have insomnia, your brain probably looks different

As reported by Science Daily, a new study of insomniacs found that the brains of insomnia patients functioned differently (no real surprise if they're starved of sleep) and looked different. The study found that the gray matter in certain regions of the brain had a reduced density in insomnia sufferers. [...]

Insomnia may cause paranoia

We just read a snippet of an article over at The Independent that tells us insomniacs are more likely to fear that others are trying to harm them. A study of 8,580 adults found that those who had difficulty sleeping over the course of a month were three times more [...]

The effects of sleeplessness and insomnia

This one is more for those who don't suffer from insomnia. The New York Times Opinionator Blog recently posted an article about Peter Tripp - a DJ who stayed awake for 201 hours broadcasting from a storefront in Times Square in 1959. Here's how that marathon of sleeplessness panned out: [...]